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WHAT: 4 Week Custom Leadership Program

  • Free “Don’t Be A Lamesauce” Book
  • Skype, Email, and Phone Call
  • Custom Goal Setting to Develop Skills
  • Weekly Objectives
  • Weekly Follow-Ups
  • Summary Analysis


“I had a great day at school today.  In Latin everyone is turning to me when they don’t know what to do.  At football practice the players kicked out the second string quarterback out and called me in.  Thanks for all of your help.  I will keep working on my goals this week.” – Student (Freshman)


<target=”_blank”>[wordrotator bg=”false”] Want to become a more effective leader in your [School?;Job?;Church?;Home?][/wordrotator]


Develop leadership skills | Weekly Objectives

  • Increase personal confidence
  • Improve relationships
  • Generate positive influence


Leadership Skills:


1. Courageous

2. Positive Attitude

3. Caring

4. Passionate

5. Authentic

6. Responsible

7. Organized

8. Service (others-centered)

9. Dedicated

10. Reliable

11. Personable

12. Effective Communicator

13. Critical Thinker

14. Positive Risk-Taker



 $450 Per Person

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