“Brandon will boost your team’s morale! The response was very positive! Brandon’s stories, group participation, and demonstrations allowed for an entertaining and productive training event.”

Silvia Torres, Children's Mercy Hospital
“Your presentations are fantastic for any age!”
“Finally a FRESH new approach to management.”


1. OWN IT DAY (Managers or Employees)

“Own It Day” is a fun and unique ways to develop leadership skills and create unity within your organization. Participants learn positive communication, powerful teamwork, and effective leadership. The training includes lecture, group discussion, group activities, and even a professional ballroom dance lesson! The outcome is personal and organizational growth in a fun way. If you want a boost, you want “Own It Day!”


1. Own It 

Leading and managing are like a dance. They requires vision, connection, communication, and adaptation. This presentations encourages the individual to take ownership of the change they want to see. Brandon helps people connect to the mission and to each other.


The power of a teacher is turning potential into reality. Minds can be molded and a person’s path can be redirected all because of someone’s influence. In this presentation Brandon celebrates the power of educators and helps them push past plateaus. Stories, examples, and crowd participation motivates participants to act upon the power of being an educator.


 1. STEPPING ON TOES (Personalities)

This workshop is great for managers and employees. Being aware of people helps determine our influence on others. Miscommunication and conflict are created by differences unrealized and acted upon improperly. Learn effected ways to connect with people, increase engagement, boost morale, and handle conflict. This is a fun workshop that will stretch your personality!

  • Detect personality differences.
  • Be aware of opportunities and dangers with personality clashes.
  • Discover effective ways to respond to conflict.
  • Apply real-life examples in class.

2. LEARN TO BALLROOM DANCE IN 60 MINUTES! (People and Problem Solving)

Professional speaker and People Mover, Brandon Lee White, has worked with everyone from children, senior citizens, to celebrities from the popular show, “Dancing With The Stars.” Your people will have a blast working towards a common goal while improving morale.

Key  skills…

  • Team building
  • Problem Solving
  • Personalities
  • Positive Communication
  • Risk Taking

Note: Suitable space and sound equipment required.