1. “Own It” Leadership

If leadership is influence, what makes the biggest influence? The answer is anything that touches the heart. Humans are swayed by knowledge, but they are ultimately moved by emotion. In this presentation, attendees experience and learn methods of influencing by creating moments built on positive emotion such as vulnerability, passion, compassion, and courage. Expect crowd participation and a feel-good ending that attendees won’t forget.



  • Explore the various types of compliments and affirmations, and learn which are most effective with certain people.
  • Learn easy-to-remember formulas for giving a great compliment.
  • Learn how to receive compliments with grace.
  • Develop a culture of positive words.


This workshop teaches fun and easy ballroom dance moves as a way to build morale, teamwork, and problem-solving. Choose from a variety of dances. Participants learn the skills and power of creating positive interaction, providing affirmative feedback, and leading by example. Professional instructor and keynote speaker, Brandon Lee White, has worked with everyone from children, senior citizens, and even people from the popular show, “Dancing with the Stars,” but don’t worry you won’t need star-level talent for this workshop!


Conflict originates and manifests in various way, and it’s to be expected in the context of relationships. The difference between successful and unsuccessful relationship, and teams for that matter, is the individual’s ability to resolve conflict utilizing specific character traits and communication skills. Participants will learn, laugh, and live out heathier relationships.