Career Technical Student Organizations (CTSO)/ Camps


“Brandon is one of the best speakers I have ever had the pleasure to work with. He delivers a powerful message in a very student friendly manner during his keynote addresses. He is also a tremndous small group workshop presenter. If you are looking for someone who can deliver not only a message but also entertain and educate at the same time, Brandon Lee White is your guy!”

-Kyle Gordon
(Illinois Student Council IASC Associate Executive Director)

“If you want a terrific leadership experience for your students, Brandon provides it.”

-David Cherry
(KSHSAA Assistant Executive Director and Director of Kansas Student Council)

“I highly recommend you consider Brandon Lee White. His combination of humor, ballroom dancing and motivational message will be a hit with your audience. I am absolutely confident in his ability to deliver a quality product in a professional manner. Your students will love him.”

—Mike Brammer (FFA State Director)


“Brandon Lee White is the type of dynamic presenter that we should have at all Extension programming….”

—State Specialist 4-H


“Brandon Lee White brings a breath of fresh air and an out of the box approach to reaching youth and empowering them to be the leaders of tomorrow! Our military youth loved him and I would highly recommend him!”

—State Specialist, Indiana National Guard


I highly recommend Brandon for your speaking engagements! Teachers and administrators contacted me over the next few days expressing how they had enjoyed his presentation and how the students had been inspired by the message he had to share.”

—Margaret McKinney, (TX Center Director of The Open Door)


“Your message inspires, motivates, and resonates with youth and adults. Thank you!”

—Erika Thiel, (Extension Associate Idaho 4-H KYG)


“Brandon’s speeches were inspirational and timely for our students as we encourage advocacy of the four pillars of National Honor Society: scholarship, service, character and leadership. We couldn’t have been more pleased with Brandon and his presentations. You will find Brandon to be professional and focused on what best suits the needs of his audience!” (Read entire letter)

-Linda Whitford
(Executive Director MO NHS)

“Brandon Lee White, is in a word, “Spectacular!” He is energetic, funny, and brings a terrific message. Our students were spellbound when…” (Read Entire Reference Letter)

— Timothy M. Fitzgibbon, (Program Director PCC)


“Your workshops inspired me to be so much more and to strive to give it all I got and then more!!! I will never give up on my dreams 🙂 Thank you!”

— Reba (Western National Roundup delegate)


“One of my assistants came rushing in and said, ‘You have to see Brandon White speak right now, he is the best speaker I have ever seen!‘ That’s amazing, because our 4-H members see a lot of speakers throughout the year.”

— Melissa Oliver (CSU State 4-H Programs Coordinator)


“Students that would never approach a dance floor or dare to voice an opinion were active in the mix. The keynote message addressed all aspects of developing leadership and mirrored our FCCLA STAR Planning Process. Brandon received rave reviews from students and advisers alike. Everyone agreed it was our ‘best ever’ camp. I highly recommend Brandon Lee White for youth leadership activities/training.”

— Sandy Gregory (Tennessee FCCLA YouthConsultant)


“Brandon’s dance workshop demonstrated risk taking and was terrific! Brandon’s instructions and demonstrations were so easy to follow. The teens and teachers loved it — didn’t feel like leadership training at all but it was! Highly recommend this program for leadership training.”

— Jan (Hawaii NSSP Liaison)


“Brandon did a great job keeping the students up and moving! He made it clear what’s expected from a leader. Students were attentive even in a crowded room..”

—Elaine Buchanan (Indiana State FCCLA Adviser)


“As a conference planner, it is sometimes difficult to work with speakers and support their needs. You were very easy to work with and were there to assist when I needed you and to do the ‘best for the audience’ in any situation. I commend you for your leadership style, presentation, and of course your personal manner.”

—Kevin Reisenauer (State Advisor, North Dakota DECA)


“Brandon Lee White moved me from my seat to the dance floor with his entertaining motivational stories, killer dance moves, and relate-able speaking style.”

—Austin Cariveau, Davies High School (State Vice President for North Dakota DECA)


“Brandon knows exactly how to move youth toward the right direction.”

—Student (Indiana FCCLA Fall Leadership Rally)


“Dynamic, insightful, motivational, inspiring, and yet humorous, Brandon is able to connect with youth and inspire them!”

—Jason Davis (North Carolina State FFA Coordinator)


“You were an amazing speaker! I am speaking for all the delegates when I say that no one could have been better and that you inspired all of us. Thank you.”

—Macey Thayne (Idaho 4-H KYG delegate)


“I struggle with ADHD so I tend to get distracted easily, but I was actually able to pay attention to you. You are definitely one of my favorite speakers I’ve ever listened to.”

—Anonymous Student (Virginia 4-H)


“You were the best speaker I ever heard.”

—Makaya Holt (Idaho 4-H KYG delegate)


“Wow! What an amazing speaker we found in Brandon Lee White. Brandon spoke to the student council members as if he were one of them. He received a standing ovation! Brandon related to the students on levels I have rarely seen speakers connect with in the past 14 years as a student council advisor. He connected with kids throughout the day not just during his program. If you get the chance to book Brandon at your school it will be well worth the experience he will share with your youth.”

-Dana Gros (South Lafourche High School Student Council Advisor, Louisiana)


“Without the slightest hesitation, I recommend Brandon as a positive youth leader. His vitality, enthusiasm, and energy draw students’ attention and involvement. It was pleasant to see total acceptance among our students.”

—Bette Stone (Assistant GEAR-UP Coordinator, Highland HS, Carigmont ID)


“If you need an energetic, interactive keynote speaker that is easy to work with, responsive to requests and able to forge a connection with teen audiences, then Youth Mover – Brandon Lee White is the PERFECT guy! He made an extra effort to find out the goals of the conference. I would recommend Brandon for a speaker at any youth oriented event…you definitely get your money’s worth (and more!)”

—Mark Mains (Extension Specialist for Kentucky 4-H Youth Development, Teen & International Programs)


“Brandon’s ‘Step In Step Out’ dance instruction and ‘Let It Move’ workshops were a sensational hit! Brandon led the whole group on a fun, positive, educational, and truly ‘moving’ leadership experience. He set the tone for the balance of the weekend. What Brandon brings is inclusive, engaging, and entertaining, while at the same time substantive, thought-provoking, and real.”

—Steve Henness (Program Coordinator, University of Missouri Extension 4-H Center for Youth Development)


“We know him as Brandon, the inspirational speaker who speaks about life and leadership values in front of people, but I know him as a friend who helps influence youth leaders like me. Brandon has gone a long way; his presentations have change young people’s lives, like mine.”

—Rendon Corpuz, (2011-2012 Alaska FCCLA VP)


“I usually hate dancing, but I had a lot of fun and forgot about trying to fit in and danced till my feet hurt! Thank you for inspiring me to believe in myself.”

—Melissa Cousino (National 4-H Congress Delegate)


“Brandon came to our 4H county lock-in prepared to present to teens, but adjusted on the fly to work with youth ages 5-18 and adults! FABULOUS! It was an amazing experience to be a part of!”

—Margaret “Meg” Sage Mach (Jackson County 4-H Youth Specialist)


“It was really cool hearing you talk. I’ve heard a lot of others talking about leadership but yours, yours was the one that I actually understood.”

—Quinten Musser (Colorado 4-H Member)


“Brandon’s speech was very interactive and enthusiastic, which is very much needed with the attention spans of high school students.”

—Jason Bullock (North Carolina FFA advisor, St. Paul’s High School)


“I just wanted to let you know what fabulous programs you have for reaching out to youth. The workshops and speeches were different, and I really enjoyed them!”

—Gail Switzer (National 4-H Congress Delegate)


“You were awesome at Louisiana’s FCCLA state conference!!!”

—Luke (Student, LA FCCLA Member)


“We have lots of assemblies, but no one has every touched our students like Brandon. I have been overwhelmed with comments from teachers how their students are still talking and what they saw and heard today. I have been a teacher and now the principal in the same building for 23 years and I have never witnessed the type of presentation from an individual with a passion for helping kids. He is an A+++++ in my book. His message needs to be heard by every kid!”Read entire letter

-Donald Stratton, Principal (Intermediate School- Granite City, IL)


“As a principal, I get bombarded with many advertisements and understand the importance of making smart selections that benefit our school…”Read entire letter

-Bob Jermone, Principal (High School- Blue Springs, MO)


“It truly was one of the most engaging and entertaining assemblies our students have attended. Thank you, Brandon, for helping our kids ‘OWN IT’!”

—Jeff Shearon, Principal (Middle School- Hutchinson, KS)


“You’re by FAR the best inspirational speaker I’ve seen in my 9 YEARS of teaching!”

—Teacher (High School- Kapaa, Kauai)


“I was so impressed with how Brandon creatively integrated our school’s theme into his presentation, which in turn made it even more meaningful for our students. Two months have passed, and students still remember…” Read entire letter

—Laura Smith, Counselor (Brougham Elementary School- Olathe, KS)


“This is the first assembly that students from different ‘cliques’ volunteered to get on stage.”

—Teacher (High School- Kapaa, Kauai)


“You were able to take 300 students and form a team with a unified purpose! Getting an entire gym full of Teens to work together was phenomenal!”

—Assistant Superintendent (Pratt School District, KS)


“…it was one of the best assemblies we have had in years.”

— Avisor/PE Teacher (Middle School- Murrieta, CA)


“I love the message you shared with the students and the approach you take to get thru to them! I teach Health at GCHS and we spend a lot of time on Mental, Emotional, and Social Health in class. I was able to go back to my 7th hour and refer back to your presentation a ton as we were discussing self-esteem!”

—”Teacher (High School- Granite City, IL)


“We love it! …the speech, the dance. I didn’t think my student body would participate for the dance portion, but we had 95%
participate! It was great for our school.

—”Principal (High School- Mokane, MO)


“Your speech was exactly what I needed at the moment.”

—Student (High School- Granite City, IL)


“Your speech motivated me to do something better with my life.”

—Student (Middle School- Granite City, IL)


“This was a great assembly! The kids loved it. I would highly recommend Brandon coming to your school.”

—Principal (High School- Port Orford, OR)


“You changed my life when you talked about how your wheelchair dance student has Spinda Bifida, because I have the same disability. It made me look at life totally different. I can ‘Own It!”

—Student (High School- Blue Springs, MO)


“Thanks for the inspirational speech today! It has changed me and my school mates forever and taught us not to ever give up.”

—Student (Middle School- Warwick, NY)


“It has been a long time since I was bombarded with “THANK-YOU” and “THAT WAS GREAT” before I even made it back to my room!”

—Heather, Teacher (K-5 School- Waterloo, NY)


“The students I talked to all said, ‘it was the BEST assembly ever!”

—Michelle, PTO (Elementary School- West Chester, PA)


“The Youth Mover came to our school and did JUST that…moved our staff and students with his wonderful message and excellent performance! We would definitely have him back!”

—Katrina (Elementary School Counselor, Plano TX)


“Brandon added key points to the Anti-bullying topic such as telling the students to consider encouraging the aggressor. I like the way he came closer to the Fifth Graders and spoke to them about their particular role in the school. Good job, Mr. Brandon!”

—(5th Grade Teacher)


“Brandon has a natural gift of relating to students on any level. He is passionate and dynamic in his delivery. Brandon used a great mix of humor and sincerity to bring a very moving and effective message. If your school or organization is looking for someone current and dynamic to inspire and motivate others, Brandon Lee White is the guy!”

—Cheryl Walker, MS Counselor (Houston Academy, Dothan AL)


“This was a WONDERFUL way to get kids excited about the new school year. My first graders were talking about him all day yet they were controlled. I was truly amazed at how engaged they were the entire assembly.”

—Teacher (Ravenwood Elementary, Olathe, KS)


“Brandon captivated the attention of 400 seventh graders, all sitting on bleachers. His message of respect and “doing the right thing” was an excellent way to begin our school year. What a fabulous way to set a positive tone!”

—Paula Morales (Associate Principal, Indian Woods Middle)


“Brandon’s presentation during our freshman orientation was a great way to start the year! It was full of fun stories that had meaningful lessons incorporated into them. Our kids were cheering and laughing and having a great time while being motivated and encouraged to have a positive high school career.”

—Nichole Dosland, Freshman Counselor (Shawnee Mission South High School)


“Brandon brings a high level of energy that the kids respond to and uses humor to balance it all out. Most importantly, my students had a great time!”

—Justin Green, Pawnee Elementary Principal (SMSD)


“Brandon provided an energetic presentation to our teaching staff. He was well prepared, used technology, and actively involved all of the participants throughout the presentation.”

—Tim Brady, Principal (Gardner Edgerton HS)


“Brandon did an excellent job coaching our students on the different types of bullying as well as how to and how not to respond to bullying. He presented the perfect amount of humor and seriousness to make for an overall moving and effective speech.”

—Tim Drake, Principal (Mill Creek Middle School)


“Students were empowered with a new sense of self-esteem and enthusiasm for reading during the reading initiative assembly. They are begging for Brandon to return!”

—Bette Jayne Parish (Reading Specialist, Havencroft Elementary Olathe School District)”]


“Brandon’s positive approach makes for good rapport with his students who gain confidence and develop life skills.”

—Joe Potter (Music Director, Mill Creek Elementary SMSD)


“Brandon’s program is great! The Olathe Jr. High physical education staff participated in a fun ’sneak peek’ of his ballroom dance curriculum at a recent district in-service. “Step In Step Out” isn’t just about learning dance steps … it also focuses on manners, dance etiquette and important character building skills. Brandon is very professional and his enthusiasm and energy are contagious! What a great way to get kids moving and having fun! We give Brandon and the “Step In Step Out” program an ‘A+’!”

—Brad Bingesser (PE Coordinator & PE Staff, Olathe District Schools)


“Brandon is a natural with kids! I actually learned a few tricks from you, and I’ve been teaching for twenty years!”

—Ms. Jo (Pawnee Elementary SMSD)


“Brandon had the kids in the ‘palm of his hand’. His knowledge of children at different age levels was impressive because the activities were suited to all of our students.”

—Terri Schmitt, Library Media Specialist (Olathe School District)


“I really look up to you and I know the other students do too. You make me want to achieve my dreams and keep trying to be a professional surfer when I grow up! Thank you again for coming to my school!”

—Kaleigh Vinje (8th Grade, Indian Woods Middle SMSD)


“Staff commented that Brandon has been one of the best, if not the best, motivational speaker we have asked to address our middle school students.”

—Lisa Schreiner (Logan Middle, La Crosse, WI)


“Your presentation was just what our students needed. I truly wish I could give you some constructive criticism, but the entire presentation was perfect for our kids. Nice mixture of message and entertainment.”

—Douglas Brown (Principal, W.T. Chipman Middle)


“At first, I thought the drug assembly was going to be boring, but your speech was really fun and cool!”

—Molly Joyce Daffron (Hermann, MO Middle School Student)


“Brandon was excellent, and the kids LOVED him! Teachers said when they got back to class, the students could not stop talking about it! Brandon stayed until the end of lunch chatting and taking pictures with students.”

—Susan LaFauci (Metuchen High School, NJ)


“You helped me believe in myself…”

—Hailey (Elementary Student)


“If you are considering a speaker for an in-service day, or related event, I recommend you consider Brandon Lee White. I hired Brandon to come to Children’s Mercy Hospital of Kansas City and work with my group on morale and critical thinking. The response was very positive! Brandon’s stories, group participation, and demonstrations allowed for an entertaining and productive training event…” Read Entire Reference Letter

—Silvia Torres, Assistant/Office Manager (Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinics)


“Your presentations are fantastic for any age!”



“Finally a FRESH new approach to management.”



“Please come back next year!”



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