Engaging and fun presentations for helping teens take personal ownership.

Teens Taking Ownership: Driver Safety

Speeches and Workshops Designed to Teach Responsibility


Author, speaker, and youth mover, Brandon Lee White has spoken to roughly half a million youth and adults in nearly all 50 states about taking personal ownership and leading positive change.

Students learn from stories of real-life teens.

Carl’s Story

How a friend’s poor driving choice changed his whole life.

Rachel’s Story

How a distraction led to a near-disaster.

01. Take Responsibility

Be aware of the value of life, the importance of wise decisions, and your power to choose.

  • Students learn driver-related statistics and discover their power to choose.

02. Influence Others

Be positive role models to peers by how they see you live.

  • Students learn communication skills to respond to negative peer pressure and promote positive choices.

03. Enjoy the Ride

Make the best of all moments, and cherish every second of life.

  • Students can participate in an interactive swing dance lesson workshop to learn about positive choices in a fun way.


“Brandon’s workshop was terrific! The teens and teachers loved it — Highly recommend this program for leadership training.”

— Jan (Hawaii NSSP Liaison)