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Own It – Grey shirt with black pocket


Own It – White shirt with grey pocket


Grey Own It Flat Bill Snapback Hat

Black Camo Own It Flat Bill Snapback Hat

Pink Camo Own It Flat Bill Snapback Hat


Don’t Be A Lamesauce

A Leadership Book for ALL Teens

Can you define leadership? This book is a heroic attempt to defeat the myths and misconceptions about leadership while equipping you with the power to become a “Super Leader” — without the embarrassing blue tights.
Case studies in the back of the book provide real life problems to work through. Plus, buy copies for your entire group and receive bulk discounts! So, don’t be a lamesauce, and start reading!

Don’t Be A Lamesauce Book

Freshman Wisdom – Revised & Updated

We are who we choose to be over time

Stuck with an out-of-touch father and a mentally troubled mother, Lawson at least has his popularity– that is until his father’s promotion forces them to move from their small-town home to the big city. Lawson loses his friends, girlfriend, and perfectly planned upcoming high school career. Finding friends has never been hard for him and neither is dumping the ones who don’t make him more popular. Unfortunately, he can’t let go of one, because he loves her. Her name is Willow, and she is caught between her love for Lawson’s potential and Lawson’s love for popularity.

Meanwhile, an unlikely friendship with a neighbor man named Brad will test everything Lawson believes about himself, including his infatuation with being starting quarterback. Brad’s genuine character, ageless personality, and uncommon wisdom attracts Lawson’s curiosity as Brad tries to get Lawson to see the leader he can become. Lies, enemies, drugs, and crime threaten Lawson’s entire future unless Brad and Willow can find the real Lawson beneath everything he has become.

(281 Pages)

Freshman Wisdom novel

Leadership Curriculum (Digital Copy)

Designed to be used with “Don’t Be A Lamesauce.”

This curriculum is a fantastic resources for teen aspiring to be better leaders. Participants complete personality assessment, team-building activities, leadership exercises, and feedback systems. It’s all designed to have fun and help you “Own It!”

Digital Copy

All of Them! By: Brandon Lee White

Children’s Book (Click HERE for preview)

Read about how a boy decides that “all of them” are his favorites, and watch how each scene comes to life with his favorite things. The boy has a great time making his father crazy by the messes left behind, but wait until his father gets him back… (Learn colors, foods, sports, animals, and more!”)

All of Them! (Hardcover)

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Don't Be A Lamesauce (Student Leadership Book)
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