1. Own It!

Move beyond what holds you back. Fear, doubt, hate, and excuses keep us from achieving, but the thing that holds us back the most is ourselves. Ownership starts with having a clear vision of who you are and what you want, and it requires the inner toughness to make it happen. Expect lots of funny crowd interaction, thought-provoking examples, psychology tricks, moving stories, and a powerful spoken word presentation. Students leave with a new sense of ownership in life and leadership and the motivation to make it happen.

2. What Are You Building? (Speech)

What are always building. Maybe, we’re building a reputation, a dream, or even building up frustration and anxiety. Each day is a brick we lay in the structure that is life. Learn what makes a truly awesome and strong structure that you can be proud of.  Plus, Brandon shares lessons on his building successes and failures. Oh, and see if you can win the airplane throwing contest at the end. 🙂 





In this workshop, participants learn leadership through ballroom dance. Positive communication, risk-taking, teamwork, goal-setting, and discipline are all covered in a way that will stick in your memory. It’s a fun and educational way to “break the ice” and get youth moving. This workshop can include total crowd participation or select volunteers depending upon request and space availability. (Maximum occupancy contingent upon space and sound equipment)


“You were able to take 300 students and form a team with a unified purpose! Getting an entire gym full of Teens to work together was phenomenal!”

—Superintendent (Pratt School District, KS)


Have you ever wondered why you mesh with certain people and clash with others? In this presentation, Brandon Lee White, guides participants through his “Own It” personality test and helps students see themselves more clearly. Exercises and acting out real-life situations will make students laugh and help them make the most of their unique personality while effectively relating and leading others.

 3.YOUR LIFE STORY (30-60+ minutes)

Students watch short clips from popular movies and are challenged with detecting the conflict, motivation, and resolution of each scene. Movie trivia is also included. Students are asked, “If your life is a movie, what conflict is your character going through, what’s their motivation, and how would you like to see them resolve or overcome? What resources or other characters are you possibly overlooking? This workshop helps students step outside of themselves and examine their past, present, and future in a fun and enlightening way.

4. LEARNING CHARACTER (30-60+ minutes)

Character is a word used a lot, but not many students can explain its many parts and how to acquire them and use them. Students gain a real sense and understanding of qualities such as honesty, respect, trustworthiness, courage, humility, and more. They also apply them to their own lives and real-world scenarios. 

5. MISSION TO ACTION (30-60+ minutes)

 It’s not what you want that counts, but what you DO about what you want. This workshops helps pull your dreams out of the clouds and convert them into a mission statement and goals that you can put into action. We can build walls are bridges. Walls are from fear. They keep us from trying, but the irony is that the walls we think are protecting us are actually harming us. Instead, students create “bridge blueprints” on how to reach their goals.


In this training, student leaders are introduced to the “Own It Curriculum” and receive a copy of “Don’t Be A Lamesauce”. Participants work on assessing their strengths, opportunities, and challenges. They define goals and roles and participate in energizing activities to strengthen leadership skills. They leave with a plan of action to “Own It!” in their club!

-Leadership books (physical copy) and workbooks (electronic copy)

-Training videos